3 New Bicycle Inventions Reviewed- for the smart cyclist of the future

The cycling world it’s always evolving, and these days we’re having an impressive development in the cycling products, such as accessories and gadgets; with a growing number of people riding bikes there are going to be more of them facing different issues, and therefore more people working on solutions. The products that we will discover in this article tackle some of the most common issues with innovative ideas, these might solve a problem that you have or even spark the idea for facing other problems; either way let’s get to it! Continue reading “3 New Bicycle Inventions Reviewed- for the smart cyclist of the future”

Top 4 electric bike conversion kits 2019-spark up your ride

Going Electric

Riding a bike is a great experience, especially when going fast downhill; but most likely you found yourself struggling to go up a steep road or trail, and wished you could have an extra push.

Luckily these days we have a range of solutions, in the form of electric bike conversion kits, these are meant to transform your normal push bike in a complete e-bike, capable of climbing hills with ease and bringing you to your destination without breaking a sweat; in this article we’ll discover the different ways to fit one on your bike and the products that stand out more in each category. Let’s start with understanding the key features of electric bike conversion kits. Continue reading “Top 4 electric bike conversion kits 2019-spark up your ride”

Thule Pack n’ Pedal Backpack Review- For the modern commuter


  • Waterproof main compartment’s roll-top closure keeps content dry
  • Flexible helmet net securely holds your helmet in place and stores away when not in use
  • Stowable rain cover with reflective screen print for increased visibility and increased bag protection
  • Crushproof SafeZone compartment for sunglasses, smartphone, and other fragile gear
  • Padded, removable 15″ laptop compartment with tablet sleeve sits on top of the bag rather than against your back for greater comfort.
  • Reflective elements and light attachment points increase visibility from all angles
  • Organization compartment with U-lock stash pocket keeps items secure.
  • EVA padded back panel offers protection and comfort with airflow channels and breathable shoulder straps
  • Blinky light attachment points on back panel and rain cover remove the need for fixed mounts on the bike.
  • High-visibility interior lining allows you to easily locate small items

Continue reading “Thule Pack n’ Pedal Backpack Review- For the modern commuter”

Discover these 8 cool cycling gadgets


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Bikes have been around for a long time, and the basic structure of the bicycle has improved but it’s still basically the same. The field in which we are having the biggest development are bike gadgets and accessories. The growing number of people who choose to cycle to commute or general enthusiasts are always looking for solutions to their problems, such as safety, navigation or improvement of functions.

In this article we will discover bike products that bring innovation with their design, useful for both the city and the trail; these accessories will help you make your cycling experience more efficient and fun. Continue reading “Discover these 8 cool cycling gadgets”

Find your next bike multitool


When talking about tools, on the trail or on the road, what you need is convenience and reliability; a good bike multitool will help you for many tasks, taking away the mess and reducing weight at the same time. Your mutitool should be able to deal with any issue you might have during a ride, and be a convenient do-all tool for home repairs.

With so much choice every cyclist can find the right product for his needs, and here we want to help you do that by putting together the ones that caught our attention.

Let’s discover some multitools that stand out in 2019, Continue reading “Find your next bike multitool”

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My hunger for knowledge about bikes grew with my passion, and so I started learning by myself, until I got to the point where the fixings I wanted to on my bike where not doable with the few tools I had. My problem was the lack of bike shops on the city and especially in my area, so very often I couldn’t ride my bike even if it needed just a new tube or simple fixing of the brakes.

This gave me motivation to think for a solution for all the people missing the tools to fix their own bikes.


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