Discover the best Bike Gps Tracker for you – watch over your ride

Nowadays there are many ways to secure your bicycle in public or at home, and the level of security of these options is mostly dictated by the quality of the chain or lock you buy, and therefore directly related to how much you spend for this necessary items. Nevertheless, locking your bike is not the only measure you can take to feel safe about leaving it without custody; and this is where a bike GPS tracker comes into play.

GPS trackers are built to give precise information about the location of your bike at any given time, and work with a specific app to download on your phone. Even though they come in many shapes and can have various functions, most of these devices are shaped like a little box and aren’t always specifically made for bikes, and are used also for cars, motorcycles, kids and pets; on the other side, some GPS trackers are built into normal bike parts, such as lights or other mountable items in order to make them unnoticeable. Continue reading “Discover the best Bike Gps Tracker for you – watch over your ride”

About Edi

Since I can remember I’ve always been riding, from the backseat of my father’s bike, to a little one with a helping wheel, and then the first bike I bought with my savings, it’s now one of the things that can make my day, and I know that almost every cyclist feels the same.

How it started

Growing up in Rome, I had a gorgeous city full of parks and beautiful streets to ride, moreover I was one of the few people I knew without a moped (the most popular among teenagers) or a car to use, so cycling was really my way of getting around, and through the struggle of climbing the Roman hills, my love for riding grew even more, besides what my friends were saying I really felt that I was more free that all those motorized people waiting at the endless stoplights of the city and getting often in to traffic accidents.

My hunger for knowledge about bikes grew with my passion, and so I started learning by myself, until I got to the point where the fixings I wanted to on my bike where not doable with the few tools I had. My problem was the lack of bike shops on the city and especially in my area, so very often I couldn’t ride my bike even if it needed just a new tube or simple fixing of the brakes.

This gave me motivation to think for a solution for all the people missing the tools to fix their own bikes.


How I want to help people

I am sure that there are many bikes sitting in sheds and garages waiting to get fixed and a lot of cyclists waiting for the opportunity to fix them, so the objective of my efforts will always be to help them get riding again or to make their riding experience better with small improvements.

Nowadays the best place to find the gear you need is on the internet, giving you an endless choice of products and gadgets

The Goal of this website

Here at Bike tools we want to help you find what you and your bike need, the best quality tools and products from wrenches to ride snacks, this is your new bike heaven.

Welcome home fellow riders, don’t hesitate to ask questions and leave comments.

Enjoy your ride!

Edi Laufer,

founder of