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When talking about tools, on the trail or on the road, what you need is convenience and reliability; a good bike multitool will help you for many tasks, taking away the mess and reducing weight at the same time. Your mutitool should be able to deal with any issue you might have during a ride, and be a convenient do-all tool for home repairs.

With so much choice every cyclist can find the right product for his needs, and here we want to help you do that by putting together the ones that caught our attention.

Let’s discover some multitools that stand out in 2019, here are 5 of them in price order:

Pedro’s RxM Multi-tool

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This multi-tool delivers quality both in design and build; made from heat-treated steel it will resist to corrosion and its ergonomic composite body makes it easy to operate. At 163 grams and 12 tools it doesn’t have a huge range of functions, but at the same time it’s excellent in the few tasks it performs; it includes:

  • Allen key sizes between 2.5 mm to 8 mm with an adapter to fit on the 6 mm
  • Flat blade screwdriver (missing a Phillips one)
  • Removable 1-11 speed chain tool easy to operate
  • Spoke wrenches of 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 and an m7 spoke wrench

Overall a great multi-tool, maybe missing a few functions, but definitely a thumbs up considering the lifetime warranty and the reasonable price, it’s definitely worth it.

(from $18)

Park Tool IB-3 Multi-tool

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Coming from such a respected brand, the IB-3 stands up to his name. This multi-tool has a solid build, ensuring a long-lasting performance, though not the most beautiful design, which makes it a little chunky at 170 grams. Nonetheless, the IB-3 comes with many essential tools, these include:

  • Allen wrenches from 1.5 to 8mm (with an adapter)
  • T-25 torx key, 5 to 12 speed compatible chain tool (not including Campagnolo® 11-speed)
  • Composite wrapped tire lever
  • 8mm box wrench
  • Spoke wrenches 3.23mm and 3.45mm

The I-beam design of this tool might not be for everyone, but having the tools on the outside of the central body, makes working on hard to reach areas easier; overall it will get the job done and stay with you for a long time.

(from $25)

Topeak Mini Pro 20 multi-too

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If what you’re looking for is a wide range of functions and reliability, the Topeak Mini Pro 20 is a perfect match. With tools made from hardened steel and an aluminum body weighs 151g, and has 23 functions including:

  • Allen wrenches ranging from 2mm to a 10mm adapter that slides on the 8mm wrench
  • Torx keys T-25 and T-10 useful for hydraulic brakes
  • Removable chain tool that performs well
  • Stainless steel chain wire hook
  • Flat blade and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Spoke wrenches 14G / 15G / Mavic® M7 / Shimano® compatible
  • Metal tire levers (only for emergency)
  • Chain pin breaker
  • Self tightening tool
  • Classic bottle opener

Given the short lenght of the tools it’s not very comfortable to operate, and not cheap as well; but considering the variety of tasks that you can perform, the Topeak will get you unstuck from the most sticky situations and deserves a place in your ride gear.

(from $30)

Crankbrothers F-15

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Brought to you by one of the best names in the cycling scene, at 163 grams the F-15 is one of the best multi-tools on the market; with its minimalist design and sleek construction, delivers quality and function all packed together in a magnetized cover, making easy to access and put back the tools; the 10 function included:

  • Allen wrenches from 2mm to 8mm
  • T-25 torx key
  • Spoke wrenches 0#, 1, 2, 3
  • Flat head and Phillips screwdriver
  • 8-12 speed compatible chain tool
  • Bottle opener

Many multi-tools have the same functions as the F-15, but this one stands out for the ability to use the metal case as a handle, this extra leverage make it possible to actually use the 8mm wrench, which on most multi-tools it’s simply unusable due to the lack of a good handle. Furthermore, the magnetic design enables you to bring just the Allen keys, in case you don’t need to the rest.

Even considered the higher price tag, it’s still worth the expense, so thumbs up for the F-15.

(from $37)

All in Multi-tool V2


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This stealthy multitool stands out from the rest for the way it’s stored on your bike. The V2 packs neatly in the empty space of the crank axle (only 133 grams of weight); locking in place with strong magnets, that interact with the steel of the crank set, this means it’s not always compatible due to nonmagnetic components or sizing of the axle, so check your bike before pulling out the wallet.

Also, the driver bits are held in place by magnets, both for storage and use; Moreover the bits used are the same size of those you can find at a hardware store, in case you need a different size or a particular one. This tool also offers a good leverage, with the option of using it at 90° thanks to a hinge, or go all the way to 180° in case parts get in the way.

The functions and bits included:

  • 6 driver bits with
  • Space for a spare chain split link
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 mm Allen keys
  • Torx key T-25
  • Phillips screwdriver

The V2 is the most expensive multi-tool on this list, at almost $80 its price is not justified by the range of functions, this price tag is for the ingenious design, which probably took a lot of development, and is now part of a new class of tools, that blend with your bike seamlessly, so this product is recommended to those who are looking for something beyond regular tools and are ready to invest the money.

(from $76 )

As we have seen there are options for everybody; so based on what kind of rider you are, you can get an essential multi-tool for the daily commute or a more complete one for those long rides in the wild, where you need to prepared for any problem. Hopefully you have found what you’re looking for or at least understood the different kinds of multi-tools in order to find the right match for you.

Have a great ride!


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