The Latest Foldable Bike Helmets- a comparison

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Protecting your head while riding is clearly a top priority, unfortunately when you take the helmet off it can be annoying to carry around dueto its size. For this reason in the recent years, foldable helmets have grown in popularity; these bring together safety and functionality, using a folding mechanism they allow to reduce greatly the volume of the helmet, which can be stored easily in a backpack or purse, thus making the life of commuters more efficient.

In this comparison we’ll take a look at the latest foldable helmets, each one using a particular folding method, it will surely be interesting to discover how they’re designed and the one which best fits your needs.

Park and Diamond

This company has the solution for all the people who avoid wearing a helmet not just for its bulkiness but also because it doesn’t look good. Their innovative foldable helmet is made to look like a baseball hat but has all the safety features required from a helmet, keeping you safe and stylish at the same time, the company is currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo and the helmet is available for pre-order.

The construction is quite clever, the proprietary Park and Diamond outer shell is polycarbonate (a very hard type of plastic) covered by a 3D mesh fabric that can be washed or replaced; on the inside EVA foam and a composite layer working together to optimize impact absorption and energy dispersion, overall the helmet weighs 227 grams which is not much, especially with folding capability

The geometric design of the outer shell allows the helmet to fold down to the size of a small water bottle, can be stored in the included cover. Foldability doesn’t come at the expense of safety, as a matter of fact, the helmet meets all U.S. CPSC and EU EN-1078 safety standards, offering even UV protection.

Park & Diamond folded

In a few words, this is the right choice if you want to be the most stylish cyclist on the street without compromising your safety, with the added benefit of making your helmet disappear in a small bag.


  • unique folding design
  • interchangeable fabric cover


  • baseball hat style doesn’t fit everyone

RATING: 8/10

Morpher Flat Folding Helmet

Morpher helmet folded

One of the best products in this field is the “Morpher flat folding helmet“, winner of several innovation awards. Its foam construction makes it lightweight and strong at the same time ( just 1 pound/454 grams), as a matter of fact it passed all the safety tests, it has CPSC certification which covers the USA and Canada and CE EN1078 certification which covers the rest of the World, except Australia; the 14 small vents on it reportedly aren’t the best for ventilation but their size keeps the helmet solid.

The folding system is quite clever, when folded 4 magnets keep it flat, at an approximate size of 36cm x 22cm x 6cm, suitable to be stored even in a small purse; to open it just pull out the sides until they click into place. The chin strap on this helmet has a magnetic locking system, making adjustments on the go possible and easy.

The Morpher fits most adults and teens, with a circumference between 52 cm and 58 cm, note that it’s not suitable for very large heads or kids.

The flaws of this helmet are minimal; ventilation is not optimal, especially in hot climates, tough for most situations it won’t feel that different from other helmets. Another drawback is the price, at $125 is not cheap at all, so this product might be worth it for those that really value the folding capability and are willing to pay for it.


  • innovative design
  • lightweight
  • easy to store


  • price
  • bad ventilation

RATING: 8.5/10

Overade Plixi Fit

Overade was one of the first companies to bring us folding helmets, they’re initial purpose was to create a product for all the commuters who use bike or scooter sharing services and therefore don’t usually carry a helmet with them, hopefully they will if it fits easily in a bag, thus the Plixi was created.

The design is centered around the folding function; above your head there is a clip which when opened lets a section of the helmet slide backward, thus allowing the hinged sides to collapse inwards compacting the helmet to a size of 21×11×16cm so roughly the size of a lunch box making it comfortable to store in a regular-sized bag.

Plixi helmet folded

Luckily they haven’t neglected the construction’s solidity ensuring resistance to wear over long time use. Its folding capability doesn’t compromise safety, complying with US CPSC & the European EN1078E standards providing adequate protection for commuters. It’s not a very light helmet, between 440 to 490g depending on the size, nevertheless, it’s relatively low considering the folding mechanism and the possibility to customize it with different attachments such as a cover or a visor.

The Plixi “FIT” is the evolution of the first helmet created by the company, in this version the fit on the head has been improved by putting lockable dividers on the straps, along with a variety of padding sizes that come with the helmet should give you a comfortable fit; also the ventilation, which was not ideal on the previous version got a little better with the addition of a few vents.

A very smart product, great as a city helmet, but not meant for long rides or hardcore use; the price is not big, and for the quality of the helmet and its special feature its absolutely a good deal, making it affordable also to students and young people, hopefully lowering the number head injuries.


  • folds to a really small size
  • solid construction
  • improved fit and ventilation


  • not made for long rides
  • relatively heavy

RATING: 7.9/10

In conclusion

By now you probably have a better idea if a foldable helmet fits your needs, and hopefully found one that you like. All the products listed in this article were chosen from a bigger selection because they are the best in their category, so if you pick one of these you are bound to be satisfied, either way, what really matters is that you wear a helmet and ride safely.

Have a GREAT ride!


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